HABITO: Giuseppe Rivadossi’s Evolution

The sunrise, the earth, my home.

The beauty around us and within us is our home, our only home.

Giuseppe Rivadossi has achieved such a level of Mastery of excellence that only half a century of exploration and creative works on the material can give to an Art Master.

Interpretation, poetry, respect and love for the material, technical expertise, a dedication to aesthetics, team work, and professionalism: these are the ingredients which have allowed HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi to become an internationally acclaimed company for the knowledge of design (for the talent of creating a shape) and the skill in woodworking. HABITO is a prestigious name bringing immediately to mind images of unique and precious artefacts.

HABITO was founded in 2013 thanks to decades of experience of Giuseppe Rivadossi, who included in this new project a group of long-time collaborators, whom have always been at his side in the modern craft of wood. His two sons, who have followed him since their first steps, are also part of this wonderful artistic and entrepreneurial adventure.

Specialized in the creation of solid wood structures for public and domestic spaces, HABITO presents works with a strong author’s character which is distinguished by the lyrical forms and is easily recognizable by the mastery in the material design.

Among the distinctive characteristics of the company work, we should mention the artists’ ability to make the surfaces vibrate to the touch and to the light, with workmanship which emphasizes the veracity and the authenticity of the raw materials used. Giuseppe Rivadossi has been producing wood products for several years – with the unchanged commitment to qualitative research – landmark sculptures and every day objects for our homes (boxes and containers, tables, chairs, beds, kitchens), together with items for an “inspired” living (furnishings for places of worship, interior furnishings for hotels and businesses).

The main characteristics of such works are the formal design of the pieces and the specific treatment of the matter, with the complete work being born from a single block or via jointed structures. In one process you work with the “lifting methods” typical of the sculptures (you dig the full and you finish with chisel); the other technique follows the theme of the wood (or woods) “composition” creating structures assembled via joints.

Each of these precious techniques, developed over the years by the artist, is applied also thanks to external professionals according to the customer’s specific requests in ad hoc interventions and creations. Several renowned architects have worked together with Giuseppe Rivadossi on works created in complete synergy with the clients’ requests.

Precision in the details and speed of execution are guaranteed by HABITO organization which features the three main figures of the Rivadossi family – Giuseppe and his sons Emanuele and Clemente – supervising every idea and project ready for the production, assigning the specific and often delicate artisan works to the skilled workers. The raw materials, the construction methods and the finishing details are always of the highest quality and sophistication.

Wood is the main material of the company, because of its natural characteristics, for its ability to represent a symbol of the life of men. Occasionally Giuseppe Rivadossi creates works with stone, steel and glass.

In addition to the sign of our affection, of our faith or faith in life, in the domestic and daily existential space, Giuseppe Rivadossi’s research – through the structures defining and animating it – proposes measure, humanity and sense of beauty. In the essential and heartfelt definition of these structures, just like it occurs in nature, it is held within the ability to improve men’s tasks through the concept of beauty.

As Giuseppe Rivadossi loves to recall, “How we operate, this language we speak and we refine in our workshop, is part of the great language of humanity that each person can find within themselves; to practice it in our job and in our life is an always renewed pleasure for us”.

HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi: artistic path and company history


Today, Giuseppe Rivadossi leads HABITO workshop with his sons, designing innovative solutions for the living space. His path as an artist is indeed the source of the company philosophy.

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